When should I stop SEO for my website?

What Happens if I stop the SEO process?

This the common question all website owners ask. The answer is ‘There is no end for seo’. Once their website reach a particular position in search results, people decide to stop seo for cutting cost. They think their website will remain in the same position constantly even if they stop the seo. But what actually happens when you stop seo? When you stop the seo process your website rank will not drop immediately, but it will fall over a period of time. When you stop seo you will notice that after a few months suddenly your website rank drops every week.

This happens when your competitors website gain seo rank. Just like how you want your website to rank first, your competitors wants their website to rank higher. They follow their seo tactics to promote their website in search results. When their website’s rank increases, obviously your website’s rank decreases. In this seo rank race, if you stop running, others will over take you and win the race. Same way, if you stop the seo for your website, one fine day you will find your website missing in the top search pages.

SEO Rank Race

SEO is a constant continuous process. When you reach higher rank in search results, you should still continue the seo process in order to maintain the rank or to improve the rank. Search engines are constantly working on improving their search algorithms to provide best search experience to their users. They want to give most relevant websites in the search results, so they keep changing their algorithm. In a year at least 500-600 times Google does minor modifications to its algorithm. When they do a major change in their algorithm, many websites get affected.

After Google’s Panda update many website’s local search rank dropped. Due to these changes, the seo tactics which worked for your website today may not work tomorrow. Recently, Google is concentrating on improving the mobile search experience. To help the mobile viewers, Google now adds ‘Mobile-Friendly’ label for websites which are mobile optimized. This will surely increase the mobile rank of the mobile friendly websites (Responsive Websites). Take your mobile and search for ‘Seo Company in Coimbatore’, you can see the ‘Mobile-Friendly’ suffix for our website ‘Cyber Web Service’. When you regularly do seo, your seo company will analyse the reason for the drop and take necessary action to bring back your rank.

Another reason why you should not stop seo is that your competitors may harm your website’s rank by adding bad review about your website in review sites, or adding your website url to bad websites. In such case your seo company will take steps to disavow the link from Google.

Spending on seo is not an expenditure. It is only an investment. A website with high rank works as a sales executive for your business which works 24 hours a day, showcasing your products. Many companies spend huge amount of money for one day newspaper ad which is circulated locally. Whereas, spending a part of that amount for hiring a seo company helps your business viewed by a wide range of audience including international customers.

SEO process is like fitness program for your body. If you want to reduce your body weight, you must exercise everyday. After you become trim, if you stop exercising, you will again become fat. If you leave it like that for a long time, you are back to square 1 and should restart your fitness program. Similarly, regular seo process is needed to keep your website healthy in search results.