Beware of fake domain renewal notices

Many of our customers are receiving fraudulent sms, calls and emails telling that your domain is set to expire and you should pay the renewal amount immediately. Please note that these emails and sms are from fraud companies. Before you respond to their email, please first check the ‘from’ address of the email. If the from address is not or, then, please do not respond to such email.

Domain renewal scams are not a new thing. Because whois information is public, and available for anyone. Fraud companies take the information from the WHOIS database and send renewal notices to the domain owners. The fraud companies send these mails very professionally so that you will think it is a genuine mail and your mind will be thinking to renew the domain immediately. But the problem is that they do not own your domain, so they cannot renew it. Your domain is with Cyber Web Service and other companies cannot renew the domain unless you wish to transfer away the domain name from us. We keep the domain name locked, secured and theft protected so that no one can steal your domain. As long as the domain is with Cyber Web Service, only we can renew it. So, if you trust those fraudulent domain renewal mails and pay them the money, you will get cheated by them because they cannot renew the domain which is registered under Cyber Web Service. 

What you should do?
Please do not trust any sms or phone or email form other companies, telling that your domain will expire. Cyber Web Service sends the domain renewal reminder only from our official email id 

If you receive any domain renewal email, please check for the following things in the renewal reminder mail:-

1. Your domain name will be mentioned in the renewal reminder email in both subject and in the body.
2. We will mention the hosting plan currently you are using in the mail body.
3. We will mention the expiry date of domain/hosting or both. 
4. Renewal price will be mentioned in Indian Rupees and not is any other currency.
5. We will mention our ICICI bank account details.
6. At the end of the mail we give our email id and phone number which is the same that is found in our website contact us page.
7. The mail will be sent from or If the from address is not ‘cyberwebservice’ you can simply delete that email.

If you are still not able to differentiate the fraud renewal mail and our renewal reminder mail, please give us a call and clarify your doubts. Do not respond to any sms or call from any other phone number or mobile number other than those listed in our website If there is a change in our contact numbers, we will change the display phone numbers in our website too. We keep our contact information up-to-date in our website.

You can also check your domain expiry date in the below url:
Whois owner . Once you click on the url, kindly enter the domain name and the recaptcha code to check the whois details of your domain. This will give you the date of expiry of your domain.

Few customers called us directly to clarify the doubt about the fraud renewal reminder email/sms/phone call. Once we told that it is a fraud email/phone call/sms, they really called back the fraud phone number and shouted at them. We really appreciate our customers for taking the right action.

However, If you wish to switch your domain name to other providers, make sure you know the full cost, terms and conditions of the offer before agreeing. You may see a TV advertisement and like to switch to them, but you will not know what are the other hidden charges they will put on you unless you go to them. Because what we give as free add-on service, many companies charge for them. They will attract the customers with a less domain price as a bait and they will collect more money from you by forcing you to buy their other services like hosting, website builder, web statistics etc. Cyber Web Service never force you to buy the hosting or web designing or SEO or any other services. When ever you wish to transfer the domain from Cyber Web Service, we happily unlock the domain on an email request from you and allow you to leave us. But not all domain companies do that. Companies do not want to loose their regular income from the domain and hosting, so they will not be generous like us. Not all domain registration companies allow you to transfer the domain from them. So if you go to them, you will be stuck with them for life long or you may have to sacrifice your best domain name and go for a new domain name.