Google SEO Algorithm

Google Algorithm and SEO Factors

Have your ever wondered why there are suddent fluctuations in your website's page rank? It is because, Google changes its alogorithm very often. Most of the time it will be a small change, where only few websites get affected. Sometimes it will be a mojor algorithm updates like Google's Penguin, Hummingbird and Google Panda, where many websites are affected with sudden drop in their rankings. If you were ranking higher for a particular keyphrase and suddenly you see a huge drop in ranks, probably your website is hit by Google's latest algorithm. If the website itself is removed from search results, it could be a hit by Google's Panda update, an update to filter the websites with thin content, boiler plate content and duplicate contents. If you have an idea of copying the content from other websites and use it in your website, it will not help anymore. With latest Panda update, Google can identify whether the content is original or not and can remove the website with stolen content completely from the search results. We recommend to hire a good website content writing service for writing your website content writing and blog writing.

Our SEO concern adopts SEO techniques based on the Google's latest algorithm update, to ensure high search engine ranking and improved traffic to your website. We add the keywords in the right ration to your website. Even a small mistake in the keyword arrangement can result in poor search engine rank. Great thing about SEO is that if you follow proper seo guidelines, search engines will crawl your website withour any problem. Remember SEO is a slow process do not expect any rapid improvement in the rank. Since search engines use 3 months historical data to evaluate the worth of a website, you must continue the seo process for a few months till you acquire the required rank. We optimize your website for search engines and improve its rank, but no one can guarantee No.1 rank. If somebody assures you of No.1 rank, then they must be following Black hat techniques which is strictly against Google's policies. The black hat techniques may give fast results, but soon the website itself gets penalized by Google and your website will be completely removed from the search results.

Just like how quality, unique content is important for a website's rank, keyword selection plays an equally important role in Search Engine Optimization. A keyword or a keyphrase is nothing but the search query typed in the google search box by the internet users. When you get to know what are the most searched keyphrases related to your business or website, you can easily target those keyphrases. We manually analyse your website and your competitors website and give you our best set of keyphrase suggestion.

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