Why SEO is important for your online business?

Why my website needs SEO?

Cyber Web Service is an expert SEO agency located in Coimbatore and Chennai. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any kind of online business. SEO is important for search engine ranking. The higher a web site ranks in the organic search results, the greater the chance that the site will be visited by the visitor. When more number of visitors visit your website, your website makes more money. Many companies from Coimbatore, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and all over India, tried our SEO packages and benefited with higher SEO ranks.

Assume that you have just purchased a stylish trendy domain name with hosting and spent a sizeable amount of money in designing and launched your website hoping to get new orders/sales through your website. But in reality no one in the world knows that your website exists? A person can see your website only with the help of search engines. Millions of websites get launched every day, but search engines do not crawl and index all the newly launched websites. All major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing take 3 to 6 months to index the newly launched websites. When the website is indexed for the first time naturally it will be listed somewhere in the last of the search results. It would take many years for a new website to display in the first 10 pages of the search results. Some websites will never even reach the 10th page in SERP. To avoid this delay and to make money out of your website, you must reach the audience in all parts of the country or world with the help of seo experts.

Assume that your website just got indexed by the search engines. So, now when you type your company name or domain name in the search box, your website will be listed in the search results. Again, what is the use? People who know your website name will search using your website name. But your target is to reach all the audience of the internet who is searching for the products or services you are dealing with. So it is important that your website should be listed in organic search results for all the major products your sell in your website. This can be achieved only via SEO. Hiring a good SEO company for optimizing your website is a wise decision and investment for your business.

There are millions of websites in this world. When a user searches for a particular query, all websites matching the search query will be listed by the search engines. For a single query millions of websites will be listed in the search results, but the users will not have any patience to see all the million websites listed in the search results. The user may search upto 5 pages and decide which website to finalize for his search, whether it is for buying a product or a service.

So, it is very important to improve your website's search ranking and make your website available within the top pages of search results. This can be done using seo techniques. Many people go for online advertising instead of doing SEO for their website. Online advertising gives immediate traffic to your website, but it is not helpful in the long run.

Each search engine work differently, following unique complex algorithm, which no one knows. Search engines rank websites based on various onpage and offpage seo factors, such as website page content, page title, meta tags, keywords in anchor text, internal links, back links, domain age, website loading time, Clean code, w3 standards and Redirects. Link building is not SEO. Sometimes a bad linkbuilding can drop your seo rank. Link building is only a part of seo. There are other factors which are more important in ranking your website. We do detailed analysis on each and every website and improve what is lacking in a website.